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The internet offers millions, maybe even billions of items for sale. Have you ever wondered how you could make your items stand out from the rest within Google and other search engine platforms? Search engine optimization, also known as S.E.O. is the key to your items being seen before the rest. Keep reading for more tips and tricks on SEO and how you can get your Poshmark listings seen before the rest. 

What is a Search Engine? 

There are many types of search engine platforms, in fact, we all use search engines at least once a day. Search engines are platforms such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When we type our inquiries into the search engines, we get millions, sometimes billions of links pertaining to the topic of search. Having your link within the first page of Google is ideal. This is where “keywords” come into play. 

Having your link within the first page of a search engine is a major goal that offers major exposure. Imagine, a customer types into Google “White Adidas sneakers, size 7” and your item pops up within the first page of Google, as you can imagine, your sales with skyrocket. Landing on the front page comes down to optimal keywords within your listing titles. Understanding the product you are selling, and the words people type into Google to find these products is where a little research will come into play.  

Keyword research
Figuring out keywords is well, key! Using a program for keyword search will help boost your listings. There are many options on the internet for keyword search programs. I personally use “” which is a paid program however, there are many free ones like, “Soovle” and “Google Search Console.” Using these programs will show you the ranking of the keywords you want to use and how to write them out, which is particularly important.  

How to Write Keyword Titles 

Now that you figured out the keywords you want to use within your product or website, it is time to apply those words strategically within your titles/posts. Let us say you are selling a pair of women’s white Adidas shell top sneakers on Poshmark, your listing is searchable within the search engines! To have your listing pop up before the rest, it’s up to how you write your title. Writing your listing title as unique yet directly is what you should aim for. For example, I would write my Poshmark title such as, “Adidas White and Black stripped Leather Sneakers, women’s size 7.” Sure, that seems like every other listing title but it’s not. There are many keywords within that one listing. If a potential customer typed in “leather sneakers size 7” my listing would pop up pretty quickly within the search engines, even within the search engine image search! Other keywords in that title are “Adidas striped sneaker” “Adidas shell top size 7” and, Adidas women’s sneaker size 7.” 

Using SEO for your Poshmark listings seems a bit on the nerdy side, maybe a bit overwhelming, however, all it comes down to is simplifying and understand the product you are selling. Finding the words to best describe your Poshmark listings is all it comes down to. If you are having a hard time with your titles and descriptions absolutely use the keyword tool programs. It only takes a few minutes to use these programs and in return, your products will be optimized, and more customers will find your items! 

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