Frequently Asked Questions

PoshTask FAQ
We are not affiliated with Poshmark. PoshTask is considered a third-party service however, we still follow Poshmarks terms of service and policies to ensure our customers closets are being managed to Poshmarks highest standards.
Yes, you can pick the times and days your closet is shared.
Absolutely! We provide the same quality service for both American and Canadian Poshmark users.
We do have an affiliate program for PoshTask. Each time someone purchases service from while using your affiliate link you will earn 20% of the total sale.
No, we ask that you refrain from any Poshmark listing sharing while your Poshmark virtual assistant is sharing your closet. If you and your virtual assistant share at the same time it may cause your account to throttle due to the increased activity.
We are not a Poshmark automation company or bot service. Our services are manually managed by real people!

Yes, we use PayPal for all our payments – none of your payment details are ever stored on our servers or accessible to us.

Your Poshmark credentials are encrypted on our system and only accessed by the Virtual Assistants assigned to you.

If you cancel your plan or delete your account, any credentials stored with us are destroyed automatically.