Top Ten Weirdest Reseller Thrift Shop Finds

Thrift stores, markets, and garage sales are like Aladdin’s cave, you never know what treasures you’ll find inside. 
In every thrift store, there are hidden gems that are even more precious than expensive, brand-new items.
It only needs a pair of keen eyes to discern which of the second-hand items have a great value.
Amongst those gems are other products that aren’t worth so much in value but definitely come first in the weirdness category.
Here are our top ten weird thrift shop finds.

10-The Fundies

Yes, that’s right. Two-person, four-legged undies are, indeed, a thing that exists. They’re called Undies For Two.
“Half of the fun is getting into them, the other half it’s up to you”.
Personally speaking, I don’t see what’s fun about Sharing a pair of pants with your other half, literally! I can’t imagine getting back out of them that’s for sure, definitely have a paramedic on standby for a night you will never forget!

9-The Old Chairs

These at first glance just seem to be pretty normal old chairs but here’s the twist. 
Michelle Bullard who found these in-store originally brought them from Europe to America when she moved back home in 2001.
After a rift in the family, she left without them and considered them a loss.
Twenty years later, there she found them in a second-hand store.
They may be in worse condition since she saw them, but they went back home with her again. What are the chances of that? 
A happy sitting end to that story!


Debbie Sue was poking around a quiet antique store when a booming male voice said
“come closer, try your luck! Don’t be afraid.” she jumped so badly she nearly knocked over the display. Needless to say, he didn’t go home with her. 
She may have missed a bargain because this fortune teller is worth, well a fortune! Selling online for $9,000, I bet she didn’t go closer in the end.
Not to forget this is a replica of the one featured in the Big movie starring Tom Hanks. 

7- Nicholas Cage Monkey Painting

This may seem like an ordinary painting at first until you slowly recognize the man in it who is none other than actor Nicholas Cage! This is actually a printed image of Brandon Bird’s artwork entitled “Uncanny Valley” that was put on a frame to be sold at a really low price compared to the original. This painting is bringing a new meaning to face off!

6- Strange Underwear

I’m struggling to understand why these were ever made. It’s hardly a fashion statement, I can’t help but think some tube was connected to “drain the pipes”
One thing is for sure, these pants definitely didn’t hold any gas for a long period of time. Now, we’ll let you make up your own mind as to what that might have been used for, but needless to say, the man who took this photo did not buy the boxers. Ladies and gentlemen, do not go to this thrift store!

5- Handerpants

When shopping in a thrift store, you will find some things that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Take this ridiculous-looking item, for example. Look, we’ve heard of fusion restaurants, but fusion clothes? That’s something else entirely.
Whoever thought of designing gloves to look like undergarments should be locked up. Also, whoever locks them up should throw away the key, along with these ghastly Handerpants.

4- Poop Hoop

Adjustable toilet seat hat with poop balls. This man looks extremely afraid of what was about to happen next. 
His face doesn’t show any signs of happiness or fun but more of ” why did I agree to do this”.  My only concern was if his friends nicknamed him a s****ead after that photo because that would stick longer than the poo!
As for the fishing poo game, don’t waste your money I bought it and it stinks!

3- Diet Plan

I’m amazed how this idea never took off? Who needs to exercise or take diet pills? Anyone who wants to start a new diet plan, you really can’t go wrong here. It offers 100%  guaranteed results, who could refuse that?
People who want to eat I guess!

2-Just the two of us

This is by far the coolest even if slightly weird statue to have in your home. As a Dr.Evil fan, I would love to have himself and mini-me as new guests in my underground layer.
I don’t have any liquid hot magma nor do I have sharks with frekin laserbeams attached to their heads but I have a cat named Mr.Bigglesworth whom I’m sure would welcome Dr.Evil into his new home.
This find is definitely worth one billion dollars muwhahahahah!

1-The ghost of thrift shop past

I don’t know about you, but when I see an old Looking painting of someone in a thrift store, I want to run a mile away. It looks as if the painting is probably haunted and whoever buys it is bound to have a ton of bad fortune.
However, when you turn up to the store and realize that the man in the painting looks exactly like you, what do you do? That’s right, you pose and share your future viral photo with the world.
What are the odds?!

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