Men’s Poshmark Trends 2021 That Will Turn Heads

2020 has been a year we all want to forget by an unprecedented pandemic which led the entire world taking on exceptional measures and that includes clothing. 

Amid all the doom and gloom that is followed on into this year, the rollout of vaccines around the world may open our lives back up to some normality again.  

Designers had to get creative, bringing color and life back into 2021’s fashion scene many of us have been in solidarity confinement in our PJ’s remotely working hiding away from the world.  

The year ahead 2021 is looking brighter than ever, so we have selected the top10 men’s spring Poshmark trending styles upcoming for you this spring/summer, not only to dress well again but to bring some life and color back onto our streets!  


10. Neon Pop  


Source: GQ

These vibrant Neon outfits have been more than eye-catching on the runways. With such bold colors and layers, this season must-have fashion statement pieces are sure to turn heads. Designers such as Versace, Fendi, and even Burberry are thinking outside of the box, dare I say they’re thinking into the cosmos. These neon pieces scream confidence and swag. Poshmark has everything you need for men.  The men’s PoshMarket has all of the top-trending men’s spring fashion 2021 this season at a discounted price.


9. Fresh Florals 


Source: GQ

This look may remind you of wallpaper from the and old living room, but retro is trending this year. The look is more masculine than floaty, more refined than something from “That 70s’ show”, With takes on Aloha prints and interpretations, florals have never looked fresher. I am sure Aston Kutcher wouldn’t disagree!   


8. The Neon 

Check-ch-check-check-check it out, I know you may be thinking it is the beastie boys crossed with a traffic cop, it is not the easiest color trend to pull off but if you get it right it can really work. 

For inspiration, look to some of Paris’ biggest brands this season. At Dior, Kim Jones sent out neon-flecked worker jackets and fluorescent-yellow romper suits at his Amoako Boafo-inspired show. Both Hermès and Homme Plissé Issey Miyake featured bright neon separates teamed with muted tailoring which is exactly the way you should be wearing this trend. Who knows, you may end up stopping traffic for all the right reasons. 

Source: LV


7. Oversized Trench 


Source: GQ

Extensive silhouettes, softer hues, and clean-cut designs are some of the highlights featured in this season’s oversized trench coat trend. Although normally a Fall/Winter style, the oversized trench coat has been updated with an elongated twist for early Spring/Summer. Trenches in caramel and midnight blue dominated designer’s collections. The trick to wearing one next season is to pair it with unique accessories. If Dick Tracy only wore sandals!   


6. Bermuda Shorts 

At First glance it appears to be 1940s’, but these shorts have exploded back onto the scene from its origins of the military. 

For the latest men’s fashion trends for 2021, the fashion heads have warmed up to the “Bermudas” Dolce & Gabbana and Etro’s collections included their take on the trend as well. 

It may not be Paul Mescal’s style, but if yours is mixing old with the new, this is right up your alley. You may not get to fly a spitfire, but you can take off with this contemporary 1940s’ style into summer 2021. 


5. Patchwork 

First off, this model did not et straight up from his 90’s bed and take it for a walk on the beach, though I am sure it has happened!  

Last year’s trend to make a comeback was crochet, and this year it is definitely patchwork. This dreamy coat by Stan is the kind of piece that looks as good with your night outfit as it does with sweats the next morning to grab bagels and coffee. If you do take it for a walk, remember a mattress is not an accessory.  


4. Oversized Suit 

Big? yes, Tom Hanks! How could I not think of him coming home to his mom as he shrinks back from his adult body into a child wearing a suit.  

The suits of men’s fashion are soldiering on, now with a more cropped and boxier blazer to accommodate a more casual lifestyle. See options from Jacquemus, Yohji Yamamoto, Études, and Phipps. It is more comfortable than a standard suit for formal events yet casual enough to go to a carnival and make a wish at a fortune-telling machine, just do not wish to be bigger as your suit will lose its look! 


3. Nautical 

I could not see captain Jack Sparrow sailing the seas with such color, but nautical notes appeared at several shows, including the anchor-covered intarsia-knit sweaters at Gucci’s exaggerated Breton-style tops at Dolce & Gabbana and sailor sweaters at the sun-soaked Casablanca show.  

Bright and colorful these designs are made for a long walk on the boardwalk along the beach on a summer evening. If you were on Jack’s ship I’d imagine it would be a different type of boardwalk you’d have to walk on. 


2. Soft Hues 

Pastel and earthy hues are the favorite shades for men’s fashion trends for 2021. Pinks, powdery blues, and sea green work on any man willing to show his soft masculinity after he cuts down some trees and bench presses like Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

It’s trending on the male catwalks so it’ll be easier for men to give a nod to pastel pieces. From the candy floss suits to the seafoam separates seen at various shows, it’ll leave you wanting more or as Arnie says, ” I’ll be back, for my pink shirt”. 



1. New Utility 

The utility trend has been doing the rounds for several seasons now, with the Safari jacket obsession reaching fever pitch at the Spring/Summer 2020 shows. Now, for Spring/Summer 2021, the look has been updated with more of an all-round “high-function” feel. 

From military-styled field jacket at Gucci and Zegna to safari looks at Balmain and that insanely luxurious crocodile field jacket at Dior, in the summer ahead it’s all about looking like you’re coming out of the apocalypse fighting and after the last year we’ve all had, you kind of are!


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