Terms of Service

Privacy and Security

The security and privacy of your account is our number one priority. Our staff is never allowed to share any information about your closet, your closet name/password or even your schedule. We will never share your info to any other company or third party. 


At PoshTask, we will never use your personal password for your Poshmark closet. All customers are provided with a password which is uniquely generated. All Passwords will be provided via email from our site admin. We will never ask for your personal passwords do please, never provide us with it. It is encouraged that you reset your password after your order has been completed, to what you personally prefer.


Once your virtual assistant has begun sharing, your order cannot be refunded. All orders which has begun are final. We are not responsible for keeping your Poshmark closet in order however, Your VA will try his or her best to keep it in order. If you need to pause your order that is fine, things come up, we understand. We will be happy to pause your order and continue at a date you find more convenient. All orders may be scheduled to start at the date of your choice. It is important that you do not share your closet while your virtual assistant is sharing. If you share your listings while your virtual assistant is sharing, Poshmark may throttle your account without notice. PoshTask is not responsible for account throttles. To avoid throttles it is important that you do not share your closet while your VA is sharing.


Refunds will be granted to orders that have NOT begun. Once your virtual assistant has begun your order, we cannot refund you.